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Title: Mobile Phone Bluetooth tethering
Post by Administrator on Jul 10th, 2008, 9:29pm

Bluetooth Connection to a Mobile Phone

This section has not been updated for Ubuntu 8.04.  Network Manager now has settings for GPRS/UTMS, so this may now be easier.  In the mean time. what is below still works.

Unfourtunately, Ubuntu 7.10 does not support Bluetooth connections via Network Manager or any other GUI.  For this one we have to hit the command line.  Ubuntu 8.04 may work from the Network manager GUI. I'll post again when I test it.

Note:  For some Motorola phones you will need to edit /etc/ppp/options as indicated in the post about USB tethering. This is not needed for most other phones.

Note: Make sure the phone is properly configured to access the internet on its own first.

Note:  Much of what is here is an adaptation and simplification of information contained on this site.

1. Copy the following 3 files to /etc/ppp/peers/


These links contain files configured for the New AT&T in North America.  If you are using T-Mobile, grab the files from the DaveSource site linked to above. Others can use either set of files, as you will have to edit them anyway.

2.  Change the execute permissions on gprs-connect-chat and gprs-disconnect-chat:

chmod +x /etc/ppp/peers/gprs-*

The files should have owner and group as root, and should have no extension.

3.  Find the phone via Bluetooth, and note the channel for Dial-Up-Networking (DUN).

sdptool search dun

Note the device address (In the form of  00:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx), and the RFCOMM Channel (A single number, usually 1 or 2).

4.  Activate the rfcomm device

sudo rfccomm bind 1 00:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx  (Use your channel and  BT address)

5. Call pppd to make the connection:

pppd call gprs

If the chat script runs successfully, you should be connected.  Use <Ctrl><C> to disconnect.


Is there an rfcomm device?

ls -al /dev/rfcomm*

Did the chat script complete?

Check for a ppp0 entry in ifconfig.  Is there a valid IP address?

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