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Title: Re-installing Android using a Linux PC (host)
Post by Administrator on Feb 14th, 2017, 8:40pm

Working with the Chuwi Hi12 from a Linux host is easy!

NOTE: What is below should work with other similar Chuwi tablets, such as the Hi10 and Hi8, but please make sure you have the correct firmware for your Tablet.

WARNING: What is below is for Chuwi Hi12 tablets that were Factory Capable of dual booting. This may not work, and may permanently disable older versions of the Chuwi Hi12 that were originally sold with Windows only.

WARNING: What is below will Delete all Partitions and Delete all Data -- Android and Windows.  It will delete Windows and All Data even if you do not intend to remove Windows. Even if Windows is working, you must backup all data in both OS's.  Deleting Windows is necessary due to the way the EMMC is partitioned from the factory, not because this is a Linux web site.

NOTE:  What is below does not flash the BIOS, so it is relatively safe given the above Notes/Warnings are heeded.

The following instructions work for the following cases, and may work for others.
1.) You want to erase Windows, and use Android (or possibly Remix) only.
2.) You have damaged your Android partition (Android no longer boots, wether Windows works or not)
3.) You have installed Ubuntu or another os, and altered or deleted the factory partitions.  As long as you can boot into the BIOS, what is below should work.

What You Need:

-- A Chuwi Hi12 Tablet -- Obviously -- We call this the "Target"
-- A Desktop or other computer running Ubuntu 14.04 or 16.04, or similar Debian Based Linux -- We call this the "Host".
-- A good quality USB cable.
-- A correct Android Firmware for your target. The Official Chuwi Factory version is currently found here:
(Note that the newest official firmwares are less prominately linked at the bottom, dated 21061008)
-- The IntelŪ Platform Flash Tool Lite.  Currently version as of this writing.  Get it from:

Optional, depending on what you want to do:

-- The gpt.bin file from post #5 of this thread:
This is needed only if you want to re-size your Android partition so that all of the 64MB internal EMMC is available to Android. This will delete Windows and all Data. This will not leave room for another OS (such as Windows)
Explanation of this file can be found at:
Thanks to supercowz

-- The The "flash-no-erase-all.json" file from the same link as the official firmware -- If, and only if you want to try to keep Windows, although as mentioned, I cannot guarantee that your Windows partition/data will not be wiped even with this file. I have no interest in using Windows, so I did not test this.

In other words, you essentially need one of those 2 files, but never both.

No USB drivers are needed for Linux, but you may need to ensure you have permissions to the relevant USB device. There are many articles on adding a udev rules for android devices.


Install IntelŪ Platform Flash Tool Lite. This can easily be done with the Ubuntu Software Center.

Unrar the Official Android Firmware.  (Right click and select Extract Here), then extract the zip.  Keep the original rar and zip files.

(Optional - Only if you want to attempt to keep a Windows or other OS Partition):
            Extract the flash-no-erase-all.json file from the Hi12.rar
            Copy the flash-no-erase-all.json into the un-zipped firmware folder. Note the existing flash.json in the same location.

(Optional - Only if you want to use the full EMMC for Android):
            Extract the gpt.bin file.  Replace the gpt.bin file in the un-zipped firmware folder with this one.

Start IntelŪ Platform Flash Tool Lite.

Using the blue "Browse" button near the top, navigate to the Folder Containing the firmware (the un-zipped one). Select the appropriate .json file in that folder. Make sure the correct file is shown next to "Flash File:"

Power off the Chuwi Tablet if it not already off.

Press and Hold the Vol +, and Vol - buttons, in other words, hold both sides of the volume rocker down.

Simultaneously Press and Hold the Power Button until the tablet powers on.  Continue to hold Vol + and Vol -, but you can release the Power button once you see the Chuwi Logo.

Continue holding the volume rocker until you see "DNX FASTBOOT MODE.." in small yellow letters near the Chuwi Logo.

Connect the USB cable from the host to the Micro USB port on the target.

Verify the device shows up in the IntelŪ Platform Flash Tool.

Press the Blue "Start to Flash" button.

In a few seconds, the target will reboot in recovery mode.

Flashing should take less than 5 minutes.

When complete, the tablet will reboot twice.  Do not touch the tablet as it reboots, it may be doing a touchscreen calibration.

Disconnect the USB cable.

The Chuwi Tablet will boot in Chinese language, and with Chinese apps.

To get English or another language:
      Select Settings (the blue/grey gear).
      Select the settings icon that looks like a globe.
      The first item in the globe (Language & input) menu is the language.

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