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IPPH204A/B / JR168 IP Phone Settings - Callcentric (Read 70870 times)
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IPPH204A/B / JR168 IP Phone Settings - Callcentric
Jan 29th, 2008, 7:02pm
Settings shown for JR168 firmware 1.42
Network Settings
iptype:  DHCP (Or as needed for your network)
    Other settings in this section will then be filled in automatically.
Audio Settings
codec1      g729       codec2      g723       codec3      gsm
codec4      iLBC      codec5      g711u      codec6 g711a
vad, agc, aec  --  all checked
audio frames: 2    jittersize: 0       g723.1 highrate - checked
Phone Settings
use dialplan      disable         dial number             ddd code      
idd code                            idd prefix            ddd prefix      
inner line      disable              inner line prefix            call waiting      
forward number            fwd poweroff                  fwd noanswer      
fwd always                  fwd busy                         answer      0
use digitmap            handset in(0-15)      10      handset out(0-31)      24
ring type      dtmf      speaker out(0-31)      10      speaker in(0-15)         8
SIP Protocol Settings:
use service      checked            register ttl      120
service type      common            sip proxy  callcentric.com            domain/realm      callcentric.com
nat traversal      disable      nat addr  blank      nat ttl       0
phone number      your callcentric account number-NOT your PSTN number      account       your callcentric account number      pin      your callcentric VIOP password- NOT your account password (they are the same unless you changed them.)
register port      5060      rtp port      30000      rtp tos 0      
call type      normal      dtmf      rfc2833      dtmf payload      101
super password      Change This!      debug disable
Other Settings
password      (4 digit pass code)      upgrade type      disable      upgrade addr      blank
sntp ip   (See below)   use daylight      (Checked in summer)
timezone   (GMT -05:00)Eastern Time(U.S. & Canada) - Or whatever is appropriate for your area
List of time servers can be found at the link below.  Please be considerate of server load.
Updated:  Corrections to some settings.  
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Re: IPPH204A/B / JR168 IP Phone Settings - Callcen
Reply #1 - Mar 8th, 2008, 9:50pm
Update to previously listed settings:
It seems that the hardphone in question suddenly stop working for out going calls to certain numbers.
With some troubledhooting, I found out that the iLBC codec was at causing the problem.  I removed it fron the list of codecs, and my phone is agian working fine.  I am not sure exactly what the problem is, and why it seemed to only affect certain numbers, but if you are having problems, try removing codecs one at a time.
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