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May 23rd, 2022, 9:43am
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Augen Gentouch 78 Issues and thier Fixes (Read 11198 times)
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Augen Gentouch 78 Issues and thier Fixes
Aug 5th, 2010, 10:54am
I actually have my Augen Gentouch 78 working Pretty well.  This thread will be a running list of Bugs and Fixes.  Please add more, using the same format if applicable:
Issue:  No Hard or Soft volume keys - must leave apps to change volume:
Fix: Install RVolumeContol: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=7485253&postcount=232
Issue:  Screen Calibration:
Fix:  Install Official Augen Update:  See this thread - Contains link to update and Mac instructions: http://linuxslate.com/cgi-bin/forum/YaBB.pl?num=1281018484
Issue:  Can't use Company lookup (Active Directory?) to add recipients to a MS Exchange Email:
Fix:  I will not provide a link due to possible copyright issues, but if you search around the xda-developers G1 forums, you'll find the HTC Mail App that does exchange.
Issue:  Can't Navigate Options in Recovery
Fix:  The Official Augen Update above is reported to fix this.
Issue: Poor Performance
Fix:  Delete the Dalvik Cache and Let the system re-build it.: Connect via ADB, or use terminal or File Manager and Delete everything in /data/dalvik-cache.  Reboot.  Boot will take longer as it re=builds.  Official Augen Update may help too.  
Issue:  Windows will Not see the Gentouch as a USB storage device
Fix 1 :  Don't use Windows.  (I hear that helps with other issues too Wink)
Fix 2 :  Install Android USB drivers. http://augen.helpserve.com/index.php?_m=downloads&_a=viewdownload&downlo aditemid=40
Issue:  Cannot install apps from the Android Market.
Fix 1:  Possible Market fixes are here: http://augendev.wikispaces.com/Market+Fix
This fix seems to have known issues.
Fix 2:  Use alternative sources for Android Apps:
http://code.google.com/hosting/search?q=android&projectsearch=Search+project s
Others.  Just search.
Issue:  Screen Rotation Not working.
Fix 1:  Launch ES File Explorer.  Select Menu --> More --> Flip Orientation  Do this twice to get portrait. You can launch apps right from within ES File Explorer, or just return to it using the default Android Task manager (Hold 'Home') when ever you switch apps.
Fix 2:  Install Barnes and Noble Nook app.  When launched, it will go Portrait.  Use Task Manager as above to Switch Apps and stay in Portrait.  Search this thread on xda-developers to find the .apk for the Nook app.) http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=739504  
Issue:  Even with the 7 inch screen and 800x480 resolution, websites are sending a mobile version of the site designed for tiny screens:
Fix:  Type the following on the URL line in the browser (like if you were entering a URL, or search string):,
Nothing will appear to happen.  Now go to the Browser settings: (Menu ---> Settings).  At the bottom, after all the normal options, there will be several new options, the last one of which allows you to set the User Agent String.  Try setting it to Desktop.
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