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May 24th, 2022, 8:51pm
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How do you use other HID devices on the Streak? (Read 5842 times)
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How do you use other HID devices on the Streak?
Jan 27th, 2011, 5:51pm
As you may know, I recently built a SNES controller for use with my streak. I have found a few other people who would like to own a similar controller but do not posses the technical skills necessary for such a hack. My new build starts with an already USB SNES controller, no add-on microcontroller. This new controller outputs non-printable characters, when using ZSNES, they show up as J10, J14, J15, etc. not a keyboard stroke like my first build which used a programmable microcontroller. When I plug my working controller into a PC it shows up as a usb keyboard, when I plug this new controller in, it shows up as a game controller. How do I get my streak (and any other android device) to recognize this type of HID game controller (different driver?)? or how do I reprogram this new controller to output other printable characters(one chipset hidden under black glue with one usb port). or how do I use Zsnes on my android? It seems all of the android native emulators will not accept non-printable inputs like ZSNES can..
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