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Jul 17th, 2019, 12:20am
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Z1 - GPS & Sensors (Read 2618 times)
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Z1 - GPS & Sensors
Sep 25th, 2012, 2:30pm
I am just trying to write some simple apps on my Z1 and I have some issues:
- GPS is not returning accuracy (itīs still 0)
- In sensor-list there are about 5 sensors - magnetic, light, accelerometer, proximity and rotation, but only accelerometer gives me some values.
Have anybody faced these issues?
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Re: Z1 - GPS & Sensors
Reply #1 - Sep 25th, 2012, 7:50pm
The Z1 does not have most of those sensors.  The hardware is not physically present in the Z1.  (Many phones do not have all of the possible sensors).
The Z1 does not have a Compass (Magnetic sensor).
The Z1 does not have ambient light or proximity sensors.  Since you do not normally hold it to your ear like a regular phone, it does not really make sense to have a proximity sensor.
The Z1 does not have rotation sensors (Gyroscope), as only higher-end phones have these. They are generally used for more advanced, real-time 3D games.  You are not going to do much gaming on a device with a 406 MHz clock, and a 2 inch screen.
The Data in the NMEA string that is sent to the OS from the GPS is not in the correct format for what Android expects.  I have posted a fix for the inaccurate speed value elsewhere in the forum.  This may also be effecting the GPS accuracy value.  It is either incorrectly formatted in the NMEA string, or simply not present in the string (not computed by the GPS hardware/firmware).
The Z1 does have 3 axis acceleration sensors, but due to the orientation of the chip vs. the physical design of the watch, it returns incorrect values.  There are values that you can put in build.prop that change the OS's understanding of the physical orientation of the device, but when I changed these, the device booted sideways.  I never found a setting that works any better than simply turning off screen auto-rotation.  I'm sure this could be fixed in a similar manner to the GPS speed fix (in framework.jar)
Fixing some of these would be a great project for someone wanting to delve deeper into Android, and was willing to risk bricking a watch.
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