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May 23rd, 2022, 10:31am
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ZGPAX S5 1.54" GSM Android 4.0 Smartphone Watch (Read 3596 times)
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ZGPAX S5 1.54" GSM Android 4.0 Smartphone Watch
Dec 19th, 2013, 9:49am
ZGPAX S5 1.54" Touch Screen Dual Core Android 4.0 Smart Phone Watch w/ Camera / Wi-Fi  
Available in Black or Silver (Black and Grey)
http://dx.com/p/zgpax-s5-1-54-touch-screen-dual-core-android-4-0-smart-phone-wat ch-w-camera-wi-fi-black-grey-277829  
http://dx.com/p/zgpax-s5-1-54-touch-screen-dual-core-android-4-0-smart-phone-wat ch-w-camera-wi-fi-black-276338
Basic Specs:  
Android 4.0  
MTK 6577 Dual Core (True dual core) Processor - 1GHz  
1.54" 240x240 Capacitive Touchscreen  
512M RAM  
4G internal Storage  
(1) Full size SIM  
Micro SD/TF slot - Up to 32G  
2MP front-facing camera (No other camera)  
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n  
Bluetooth (3.0)  
Normal array of sensors, compass, etc.  
MicroUSB port  
The specifications on Deal Extreme say that it is Quadband GSM/GPRS only, but the MTK 6577 is capable of (limited) 3G, so there is hope.  
According to the pictures, It has a custom launcher/homescreen for the small screen. '
Says that Google Play Store is available, but there may be problems with many apps due to the small screen/low resolution.
I did not see a separate 3.5 inch headphone connector, and looking at the pictures, it looks like the included earplugs/mic plugs into the USB port.
Battery life may be an issue.  It only has a 500 mah battery, and advertised 4 hr talk time (72 standby).  I would not expect a full days use without a pocket full of charged batteries, or some mid-day charge time.  
Please post opinions/reviews/rooting instructions/etc.  
Thank you, and more news as it becomes available.
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