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Sep 21st, 2023, 8:32pm
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Yet another MTK6572 Android Watch - Android 4.2 (Read 5452 times)
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Yet another MTK6572 Android Watch - Android 4.2
Jul 25th, 2014, 7:50pm
inWatch z Android 4.2 Dual-core Watch Phone
http://www.dx.com/p/inwatch-z-android-4-2-dual-core-watch-phone-w-1-63-screen-wi -fi-gps-ram-1gb-rom-8gb-black-334287
Android 4.2  (Claimed - No screen shots of settings or benchmark apps to prove it.)
MTK6572 Dual-Core
2G Only
Claims it will work as a bluetooth accessory, or a stand-alone phone.
Google Play (again, no screen shot showing this.)
Sapphire "table cover"(?!) + stainless steel shell, ceramic back cover
Camera faces the same way as Z1
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