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Feb 8th, 2023, 9:12pm
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Remote Control of a Yamaha 02R96 Mixer w TouchDAW (Read 441 times)
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Remote Control of a Yamaha 02R96 Mixer w TouchDAW
Mar 29th, 2022, 9:08pm
Remote Control of a Yamaha 02R96 Digital Mixing Console Mixer with TouchDAW
The Yamaha 02R96 Digital Mixing Console, while long since discontinued, it was an advanced and capable studio mixer.  Due to it's availability on the second hand market, it is now finding it's way into the hands of DJ's, bands, and community playhouses where it serves as a live mixing console.

Yamaha 02R96 Digital Mixing Console.  Photo credit: Yamaha USA.
The Yamaha 02R96 can be remotely controlled with Yamaha's proprietary Studio Manager software, however, Studio Manager is not maintained for this mixer anymore, and only had Windows and Mac Versions.
Remote (and preferably wireless) remote control of the Yamaha 02R96 from current non-Windows devices would be hugely beneficial to the Yamaha 02R96 in it's 2nd career as a live mixer. Can the Yamaha 02R96 be controlled from an Android Tablet or ChromeOS laptop?  (NOTE:  Android and Chrome OS are based on Linux.  All Android Phones and Tablets are Linuxslates.)
While research continues, the preliminary answer is "Yes".  Read on to find out what we have done and how we did it.
More Backround:
TouchDAW is an Android app (also runs on Chrome OS) that allows control of Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) and other MIDI devices.
Note:  What is detailed here worked on a  Yamaha 02v96, but should work on similar products such as the Yamaha 01v96, Yamaha 02R, and possibly the Yamaha 01v.
These devices have a USB Host port, however the communications for remote control over this port uses Yamaha's proprietary protocols.  The built-in USB cannot be used for standards-based control of the Yamaha mixers mentioned above.  MIDI, however is a standard, so an inexpensive Chinese USB - MIDI interface cable was used to provide a standards-based interface to the Yamaha 02v96 mixer.

"Generic" USB-MIDI interface.  Photo from Aliexpress vendor listing.  Linuxslate.com is not recommending any particular vendor or retail platform. Other, similar cables should work.
What is needed:
  • Yamaha 02v96 mixer or similar vintage Yamaha digital mixer.
  • Generic USB-MIDI interface cable as shown above.
  • Android Phone, Tablet, or Chrome OS Laptop.
  • If the Android/Chrome device you are using does not have a "Full Size" USB connector (USB-A), you will need a USB OTG cable suitable for the Tablet or Phone you are using (USB-C or USB-Mini OTG cable)
  • TouchDAW Android app from the Google Play Store.  NOTE:  There is a free "Demo" version of TouchDAW available.  I strongly suggest using the Demo version until connectivity is verified. The full version costs $4.95 as of this writing.

Step 1:  Connections:
  • Connect the USB-MIDI interface cable to the Yamaha mixer (DAW).  PLEASE NOTE: MIDI uses the IN-OUT-THRU connection paradigm. The MIDI (DIN) Plug marked IN, must be connected to OUT on the mixer, and vice versa.  The THRU Connector is not used unless you are controlling other devices simultaneously.
  • If the Phone, Tablet or Chromebook does not have a Full size USB connector, plug the USB OTG cable into the Phone, Tablet or Chromebook.
  • Connect the USB-MIDI interface cable USB end to the Full size USB connector on the Phone, Tablet or Chromebook, or to the large end of the OTG Cable.

Article in Work.  Please Check Back.
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