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Mar 28th, 2023, 9:39am
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Unbranded Chinese Pocket Geiger Counter (Read 364 times)
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Unbranded Chinese Pocket Geiger Counter
Feb 23rd, 2023, 6:56pm
Thread for Discussion and "Have I Found Anything Radioactive" for the Unbranded Chinese Pocket Geiger Counter

Main Review for this device is here:
Video unboxing is here:
Other reviews, videos and information:
Discussion Polimaster 1208M Gamma Detector Watch (Russia - Legacy)
Review DRSB-88 (Russia - Legacy)
Review Ecotest МКS-05 Terra-P (Ukraine)
Review Rodnik 3 (Russia - Current)  Unboxing Video Rodnik 3
Review Soeks 112 (Russia/USA - Current)  Unboxing Video Soeks
Review STREAM-2 (Belarus - Legacy)
Mini Review: PALESSE 26K-86 Geiger Counter (Russia - Legacy)
Do you have this or a similar detector?  Have you found anything radioactive?
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