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Linux Mobile Phones and Mobile Slate Devices

Z1 Watch Phone
  • The Z1 (Aka Rock) Android 2.2 GSM Watch Phone. An Ipod Nano can be worn like a watch, but what if you want more capability, connectivity and customizability?  You'd need Android on your wrist.  Well, such a thing does exist, but is it practical?
Viewsonic G-Tablet
  • The Viewsonic G-Tablet is a 10" Android tablet being sold at Sears and the big office supply chains.  How does it stack up against the Apple iPad?  What are it's flaws, and can the Open Source community over come then?  Read the Detailed Review Here.
Augen 7 inch tablet
  • My local Kmart just got the Augen 7" Android tablet, and I just picked one up.  I have a quick review here, which I'll update as I gain more experience with this unit.
Eken M003
SkyVoice S282
Wibrain B1LH
Pepper Pad 3

Other Gadgets and Toys
IPPH204B IP Phone
Ecotest MKS-05 "Terra-P" Radiation Detector
VuGo by Tiger
Pocket Gieger Counter

The following products were previously reviewed on, but the reviews are obsolete and have been removed.

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